grow beautiful orange plant

orange plant
orange plant

how we can grow nice and beautiful
orange plant at home in a very easy way these are the oranges that I have
brought from the local market now I’ll
remove the peel off taking the orange
out and you can see the seed over there now placing the seed and collecting all the sheets from these oranges we will collect few seeds from the oranges so here we have thought these seeds now
I’ll put the seeds in the plate and was
the sweet substances out from the seed so that no insect will affect these
seeds and they will put easily
so for pastor world what you can do is
that since they are slippery at this
time so you put off the outer layer of
these seeds which will help these seeds grow faster than the normal sieves this little bit difficult but it’s okay now.

placing all those seeds in a tissue
paper so here I have placed the sheets
in the tissue paper now I’ll make them
completely wet and use a cheap lock bag
I have placed them inside the chip block
back in this way because I can easily
see from outside what is the activity
going on with the seeds
okay now placed in this inside is M and
you can
after nine days I have seen something
that the Seas has thrown they have they
have started dominating and I am quite
happy with the result this is our the
siege which I have filled the outer
cover and they are really doing good
they’re really going faster than hardy
the receives the seeds without removing the outer cover
putting them back inside a Ziploc bag do not let any air inside keep the air
completely out okay now taking after two weeks within days

the seeds have a grown in a very good way you can see the long roots has appeared you can see
it is always the root part comes first
in every seed here again we keep it
inside the box for some time more and
after 22 days we can see that they have
grown too much long roots and now it’s
time to plant them in this coco peat
that I have prepared here you can see
the nice long moved off the Sheep now
it’s a time to be planted in the coco
peat so I have prepared two cups of Kota
feet and placing the seeds all inside
this coco peat place the pointed person
downward so because from that person always the root comes first
okay here you can see and have placed
all the seeds inside these two coco peat top cups now adding the coco peat over
it so that the seeds will be completely
covered inside that coco peat and it
will help the seeds to get warm inside
and go faster, here again, I will use them
same cheap lock bag okay keeping like
this in I said or at the window
so after 30 days, you can see the seeds
has grown very well and I’m quite
satisfied with the result
till now again I am going to place that
back inside the ziplock bag so after 50
days here is the result in front of you
so you can see the two cups are filled
with the orange plant’s tiny plants and
they seem quite good in these cups and you can see here the leaves are also quite healthy and the plant and these
plants are really doing good inside
that cheap lock bag so few tips for the
new growers are starting your project in
the month of March or April not in
November or December because of the warm
temperature is good for the growth of
the plant and select will write of
orange fruit for starting your project
that will give you the best result third
a tip is if you cannot go with the paper towel
the method just start by going in good
a mixture as well that can be coco peat
where we composed with the soil or you can go with also a normal garden soil and the last one is once the plants are gone they can be transplanted in two to three months in a bigger pot or in your garden so friends if you have any queries
please come in below if you want to know
about any plants to grow just comment
below I hope you share

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